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Dolphin Bay Perfection! Extremely elegant details on the cliffs of the central coast and some of the most caring and sweet people in the world. I was so thrilled to capture their wedding and meet these two love birds. I seriously still think they are the couple that its the little photos when you purchase a picture frame. If not, they will be!

Three hour dance party, constant bubble butt’ing, a historic war bunker venue, and of course the after party that included burritos at a dive bar. In my top three? Yeah DUH!!

I have known Joel since he was a little tot. I played music with his bro back in the high school days, so I must say it was one of those “Im super old” moments when he asked me to film his wedding.

The wedding turned out beautiful! Honoring to Joel’s service while very elegant with all Jade’s details and planning. Wishing these two nothing but the best in their new adventures together!

This wedding was at a private winery in Paso Robles. Antoine’s parents are straight from Fr are some of the most welcoming, insanely kind, and wildest partiers I have yet to meet.

These two were a treat through and through. Stoked to have been able to share in such a rad day!